Friday, January 24, 2014


This is my sweet kitten the day we came home after her adoption papers from Campus Cats were finalized.

Her name is Shadow, because she’s always right behind me or running ahead of me anticipating where I’m going.  She's about eighteen months old now and she has a wonderful mix of black and gray, a soft peach colored underbelly -- and a very big butt.  You should see her go down the stairs.  It's all tail in the air, gray and sway. 

I frequently work at my computer in the basement room they've begun to call the Momcave, and one day when I just happened to have a camera ready to go, I noticed she was doing something with the paper bag I had fixed for her to play in. 

One of her soft squirrel-like toys was in it, and the bag was right side up, so the first thing she had to do was to tip it over. 

Then I started taking pictures,  reflecting  something I heard or read recently, that time spent watching a cat is never wasted.   If you know the source of that thought, I would like to know it, too. 

The Sack

I think I can get that thing out of here . . . .

if I just pull hard enough . . . .

Uhhnnnnnn . . . .    er  meow . . . .     
Why are you watching me?  . . . .

Okay, so it's harder than I thought . . . .

Nevermind . . . . Back to work on this thing . . . .

Almost . . . .  almost . . . . Got it! . . . 

Whew . . . .  that was hard work! . . . .

See, I told you, skinny little fake squirrel, this is my sack ! 

If you want to know about Campus Cats, read my journal for 1/27/2014 --  or go here to visit their website.


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