Friday, March 28, 2014


Okay, moms, this one is for you, exhausted, guilt-ridden, fabulous, funny you.  For me it has turned into a day of reflection.  I'm a grandmother and supposed to be full of wise words about a mother's part in child rearing, but age and grandmothering has simply confused me.  Since my advice is usually 'do nothing,' that wisdom thing doesn't work too well for me anyway, positively or negatively.  I do know someone who understands, or at least is willing to say she doesn't, Anna Quindlen.  Over the years, she frequently brought me up short with her wisdom, and I would think, "Why didn't I think of that?"  Or "Why can't I say it so succinctly?"

When Newsweek was primarily a print magazine, Anna Quindlen wrote the essay for alternate weeks, succeeding the well-respected Meg Greenfield. Both were able to meld commentary on the political and social worlds with the reality of family.  The essay is her forte, although Ms. Quindlen has written several excellent novels.  In my opinion, leaving aside Molly Ivens, Anna Quindlen is the best woman essayist of the last fifty years -- and I've been here. 

I found this Quindlen essay on in pdf format, titled "All My Babies Are Gone Now."  Go  HERE  to read the essay. Especially take note of the last three paragraphs, beginning with "But the biggest mistake I made was . . . " 

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  1. Yes. This. (confirming, I did need a tissue...these kids have grown so quickly!)

    1. I know. When I look at Charlie, that's what I ask. When?


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