Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Nothing but musical surprises!  I've been saving them.  I once read the derogatory statement that blog posts are nothing but rehashed material from the internet. Okay.  Here's some rehashed music.  
Do not miss Ring of Fire!

Bolero a piece with only one theme.  A woman hearing it for the first time said, "He's a mad man."  If you've ever heard the Beatles sing Hey Jude (7 minutes with a 4 minute coda)  it has the same effect on me. Banda Simfonica d'Algemesi, Spain (8.3)  
Ravel's Bolero   HERE  

I don't know what you do with this.  Enjoy.  I didn't sign up for anything.  It's long and has no big ending. If you liked the music in the game arcades of the seventies, you'll like this.  It reminds me of Donkey Kong (6.0)  
Super Mario Beads 3  HERE

New to me.  Love that bass! The group Home Free sings a capella. Johnny Cash should hear this.  (2.59)
Ring of Fire   HERE

If you liked Leroy Anderson's Typewriter Song, here is his own 'Pops' Concert Orchestra, 1951  (2.21)
Syncopated Clock   HERE

This one makes me cry.  Cindy, too. (5.41)
Beethoven,  Ode to Joy   HERE

"The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings."
--- Robert Louis Stevenson

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