MARCH 2015


03/20/2015 just one more thing to go wrong  

The washing machine filled and filled and filled.  I caught it just as it was ready to go over the top - 17 good years!  

03/21/2015  I buy things

I got up early today, and traveled to the other side of town to buy a washer and It's being delivered Tuesday. Saw Amy and Wes at a furrniture store looking for a new sectional.  The dogs were at our house.  They came back without buying anything, but Wes said I looked good in my new car, so I think I'll have him take a picture of me.  

Amy helped me get the water out of the washer by hand.  Wes was trying to find a way to siphon it, but we got most of it out.  I'm sure the service man will have a way to empty the rest.  I had already taken the clothes out, and of course the clothes hadn't gone through the rinse cycle.  Had to do that by hand. Lucky us, we'll  have a new  washing machine at 83 and 84.  Not as much fun as it was when we were young. I had received orders from headquarters not to buy one with a lot of that 'digital stuff' on it, actually harder to find.  I didn't care, so I got one as close to the old one as possible -- lots more money though! 

On my way home from buying the washer, I stopped at Urgent 

Care, which is connected to the orthopedic clinic, and got an xray of the arm which has been hurting since I tripped in the hall and fell down hard on my shoulder the day before Christmas.  Osteoarthritis had settled in two places, bicep and rotator cuff (BTW I don't understand that) so the doctor gave me a steroid injection somewhere in my shoulder in the vicinity of the rotator cuff and a prescription for prednisone.  Now I have to consciously stay away from eBay and Amazon because I have a tendency to buy stuff when I'm on steroids.  

03/20/2015 buying more things

The prednizone is kicking in.  Already this morning I bought a pair of capris and a striped shirt -- gonna look like Shirley Temple in a sailor outfit this summer.  I caught myself looking at a streamlined bread maker on Amazon, but remembered that I hated the one I had before.  Whew!  Saved from the impulse buying that prednisone brings out in me.   

03/25/2015  writing early  

The word today on VT was murmur.  What a strange word, how subtly musical -- not like moo moo or tutu which are just funny.
Gay and I had breakfast this morning.  We always have interesting conversations.  She has a mind like a steel trap.  I do, too, but mine seems to have a rickety trap door in the floor that opens at will and moves all my thoughts to the recycle bin. 

03/26/2015  Charlie's In  

Charlie called last night to let us know he was accepted into the DeKalb School of the Arts, in Decatur.  It's part of the school system, but to get accepted as a student, he had to audition.   Very happy for him, because it's something he really wanted to do.

03/28/2015  Emma's In, too 

I may not have this date right.  Emma called to tell us she got accepted for an internship at the Williamstown Festival Theatre in Massachusetts.  It's so nice to know our grandchildren are pursuing their interests in such a positive way.  

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