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maybe chris antenen --  maybe not
true and not-so-true stories

The Title
The word maybe says it all for me.  Maybe not is redundant because it is implied.  Also, I like the word maybe, because it implies possibilities, but allows for a way out. Posted stories are always made up of true and not-so-true words in part or in whole.   

The Picture

Ah, yes the picture.  Successful bloggers say you should have a picture of yourself on your blog, because visitors  want to know what you look like.   I confess this picture was taken about ten years ago at the lovely home of our good friends of more than fifty years, Marilyn and Jim.  The house sits high in the mountains of North Carolina.  For my ID picture I had to cut Marilyn out and leave part of the lamp in.

You are here.

Weekly Posts by Date
A table of contents list of posts arranged by title and date.  A click on the title will take you directly to the post.  Posts are usually published to the blog on Fridays. (or Saturdays)   Comments are always welcome.

The Journal
Journal entries are made daily when I have something I want to write about: politics, family, everyday things or ideas, humor, books I've read and liked (or not,) links to good web sites, and random thoughts.  I've come to think of some journal entries as mini-posts and sometimes they are additions to the current post.  In both length and content the jounal entries are diverse in the same way that our days are never the same.  Entries are affected by interest; prompts by friends, media, reading, or surfacing thoughts.  Comments to the journal entries are always welcome, by email, on Facebook, or on the journal page.

Child of the Thirties
Most blogs have an About Me section.  I have two: a sidebar short version made up of words or phrases about me that apply throughout my life.  The long version is a separate page that touches only on my childhood: my days, my environment, and my family in the thirties.  Questions at the end urge you to respond with your own childhood memories.

Published Stories
Many of you know I write short stories.  None of them will be on my blog, but when they are published, two so far, a link to each of them will be here as well as a very short synopsis.

Wherever you encounter the word HOME, clicking on it will take you to the first page of the current post.

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