01/01/2015 Happy New Year  

Last year "I opened the toothpaste and managed to squeeze some out without standing on the tube.  Good way to start the year."   This year I wrote a poem on the first day of January, because I don't have to think about the tooth paste tube and can think about words.

sing to me

talk to me of everything
talk slowly
diction is the soul of a word
know how each sound feels in your hand
hold the shape and density of the words within your grasp
hear the tone of each sound as it leaves to join another
pause between words and break phrases with anticipatory silence
shape punctuation boldly
never fear the sound of a comma if it enhances your meaning
see your voice hanging midair after leaving your lips
breathe forward and deep to give it a base
sing to me of everything


  1. I love your writing. Big smile and kiss and hug from your lovely niece

    1. I wonder who anonymous could be. They're both lovely.


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