11/1/2014   JAX Georgia/Florida Football
Sad day for Georgia.  Good day at the lake this afternoon with Nacho and Lumpkin, oh, and Wes and Amy, too.
I can stay up late and sleep late tomorrow.

11/2/2014   observation
Wayne has trouble finding things.  He couldn't find the broom in the storage closet off the carport.  I know I've said many times that everything reminds me of Amy -- even the broom.  Once she was with me at the store and I embarrassed her by trying out a broom in the store aisle.  Was still teasing me about it years later.  It had a plastic cover on the 'whisk' part.  I thought it was a perfectly rational thing to do.

11/2/2014   melancholy day
It's really cold today -- ear muffs and fur-lined gloves cold.  I went out twice.  Fool.

I have new prosthetics.  It takes me a while.  I had to have a heavy one when the first breast came off, but now that they're both gone (2011 that's what I mean by a while.) so I can go 32A if I want to, well, maybe 42B.  I can also have a drink now and then. Migraines plagued me until my sixties and alcohol of any kind would trigger one, so I just didn't drink.  That was twenty years ago and it just lately occurred to me that a drink or two could be in my present and future.  Brings me memories of my dad, a pipe, and roll-your-own cigarettes, but I definitely won't go down that path again. has a good book excerpt today from Drunk Tank Pink by Adam Alter. Gloomy days help us think 
more deeply and clearly.  Who would have thunk it?

11/28/2014   Our Thanksgiving Day
Wes brought the food from Matthews in Atlanta (Decatur?) as he did last year.  There were only six of us, Charles, Emma, Wes, and Amy.  We had a good dinner.  I had to do the first two steps of the mashed potatoes, because the kids didn't come until Friday morning.  Emma finished them -- almost as good as Mommy's!  It was Amy's job always, to make the mashed potatoes and gravy. Emma claimed it. The last couple of years, the middle aged kids did all the work. 

No falling down this year, but I did end the month with what I thought was arthritis in my ankle.

11/29/2014   Ferguson
We watched and waited for the aftermath of the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo.  There's a sickness in the land that such a decision can be shepherded through a grand jury with such a simple thing as using an old law, changed by the Supreme Court twenty-nine years ago, which told the jurors that a policeman was justified in shooting a suspect if he FELT THREATENED.  Not surprising that SCOTUS changed it to the criteria of PROBABLE CAUSE FOR FEELING THREATENED from just feeling threatened.  We always say this after the mistake is made,  "Well, we know we have to fix that law now."  29 years  The DA should have recused himself for many reasons, and the governor should have appointed a special prosecutor.  "Mistakes were made."  That's their mantra. Michael Brown is dead. We know about mistakes.  We all make them, but because of this one, the police officer who killed Michael Brown will not go to trial.  Mistakes were made. Young black men continue to pay the price for those mistakes.  29 years.

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